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Welcome to Arcadia. Your search ends here.

Servicing all of Illinois

Arcadia is an Illinois-based care company providing a full range of top-tier nursing services no matter the therapy or specialized care needed.

Why Arcadia is consistently the top choice for residents + their loved ones, doctors + social workers. 


Extensive network

Stay within the Arcadia network, no matter what service you need. We offer a wide range of specialized care, rehab, and short and long-term care. 


High standards

Receive top-tier care from skilled providers. Our staff is hand-picked for their skill + receive ongoing education from industry experts, well beyond mandated requirements. 


Warm environment

Recuperate in comfort. Thrive in good health. Enjoy a welcoming environment, comfortable accommodations, and a well-managed facility. 


Whole-person approach

Your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health. Enjoy social opportunities and recreational outlets that cater to your interests. 

Broad range of services.
One mission — caring.

Each of our facilities specialize in a distinct service, medical care option, therapy or
amenity, allowing you to find the perfect residence for your needs and goals. 

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Long term care

You’re looking to manage your daily living and chronic conditions, while maintaining a high quality of life. 

You need reliable care, recreational outlets, social opportunities, and a comfortable environment designed for senior living.

Short term rehab

You’re recovering from a surgery, injury, or serious illness, and are looking forward to getting back to your active lifestyle. 

You need a comfortable, supportive environment with experienced therapists and care providers to regain your strength, mobility and independence. 

Acute care

You’re looking for comprehensive care to stabilize a condition and facilitate recovery. 

You need specialized care and highly skilled medical providers, in a safe, fully equipped environment.

Mental health care

You’re looking to manage a mental health condition and enhance your functioning. 

You need a safe, supportive environment that promotes independence and emotional well-being.

Independent /
Assisted Living

You’re looking for a safe environment to support your daily living without compromising your independence. 

You need a comfortable, community environment with on-site health service and personalized daily living support.

I have had a family member in this facility for over ten years. The facility has always been neat and clean without having advanced notice that I was visiting. I have always been notified of any situation concerning my family member which was thoughtful since I live out of state. I feel like this is an amazing place to have a family member cared for.

- Sharon Vaughn

“The management team is responsive, the building is beautifully renovated and clean, and the residents seem so happy. I'm very thankful for Arcadia Care”

- Rene Yarza

Mom is very well-cared-for by the staff, 24 hours a day. Each staff member gets to know mom and her specific needs so that they can plan and direct her care and assistance individually for her. You can tell that they actually care about the people in their charge.

- Sandy Toth

My sister chose Arcadia because she felt it was the nicest facility in town. I needed a place that would make sure I got my medications correctly and was taken care of. With the help and support of the building I have learned to take care of myself, gained weight and my health has improved 100%. The staff are kind and supportive, and I have independence. Keep up the good work.

- Regina Stark

I grew up in a small town and this feels like a perfect fit for me. I was able to make this my home very quickly. All the staff are friendly and let me be me. It's a safe environment, and the staff make me feel pampered. They provided for my needs and worked with me to reach my personal goals for my health and recovery.

-Lora Hale

Your staff is Great!! Everyone seems to have my best interests at heart. The team will do anything to get me better. The Therapy Group is very good and the meals are tasty and nutritious. 

-Judy Hasselbring

The cleanliness, visitation policies and activities at Arcadia Care stand out compared to my experiences at other facilities. I needed a place that would take my insurance and the atmosphere here is friendly.

- John Muday

“It is so great to be able to work with our residents and be a part of their daily lives in a meaningful way.”

- Jonathan A. Arcadia Care Danville

What comes next

When you need to step out of your comfort zone, Arcadia is there to smooth the transition.


Determine the level of care you need

Long-term care. Short term rehab. Acute care. Mental health care. Choose the care option that best  meets your needs.



Book a tour with your preferred facility or contact our intake team for information and guidance.


Make yourself
at home

Settle in to your chosen facility. Our supportive staff is here to ensure a smooth transition.



Feel safe and well-treated the entire duration of your stay with care centered around you — your goals, your interests, your lifestyle. 

“The care has been

My husband has been at this nursing home for over 50 days. The care has been excellent. The staff here - without exception - has been caring, kind and professional. The CNA's, nurses, receptionists, and support staff have all been wonderful. He has improved with the therapy. It was not easy for me to place him there, but the staff has been very kind to me as well.

Judy Watters, Arcadia Care of Morris

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