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Located in Chillicothe, IL, The Arc at Chillicothe provides a higher standard of rehab and long term care. Experience a smooth recovery while enjoying the beautiful, state-of-the-art facility and a stimulating recreational calendar. Whole person care. Proven outcomes. A premier experience.

Skilled staff

Superior rehab outcomes

Private rooms

On-site beauty services

Beautiful, updated facility

Stimulating recreational calendar

“There was a complete resolution of my problem”

I recommend the Arc to everyone needing therapy. The hospital said good things about the facility, they had private rooms and it was close to home. There's a calm atmosphere. I wanted to walk out of the facility, and there was a 100% complete resolution of my problem. 


“If you're considering rehab, go to the Arc.”

They have great therapy and supportive staff. My son did the research and I chose the facility because of the therapy and high ratings. The atmosphere is friendly and warm, and the staff made you feel good. I'm back walking again.

- Donna

“Follow up was great!”

We had my mom at a different facility. I did a tour and liked what we saw. The facility has excellent care and good accommodations and visitation policies.The staff is warm and friendly. They did what they said they were going to do and everyone seems to care. Follow up was great! I would recommend this place to anyone needing Long Term Care. 



Preferred for the experience

Our comprehensive options cover a range of needs and preferences. Targeted, empathetic care — no matter the service.


Long Term Care

Comfort, community and dignified living

Long term care is designed for ideal senior living. Enjoy comfortable accommodations and stimulating social + recreational opportunities while receiving excellent, comprehensive care.


Short Term Rehab 

Transform your recovery into a retreat

Short term rehab serves patients recovering from surgery, injury, or serious illness. Our specialized therapies, customized treatment plans, and experienced therapists help improve your strength and  mobility to return to your active, independent lifestyle.


All you need

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Respite Care

Dementia Care

Wound physician

Respiratory CPAP/Bipap


IV therapy

Life vests


and rejuvenate 

Relax your body and engage your mind with a variety of inviting spaces and a curated selection of in-house events and programming — all tailored to your interests. Whether dining, recreation, room service or self-care, enjoy diverse amenities and elevated living.

Group workouts

Live entertainment

Pet parades

Holiday crafts

Holiday parties

Pet therapy


We’d love to have you join us

We’re here to welcome you. Come join us in person, meet with our dedicated staff and residents, and take a tour of our beautiful facility.

24/7 admissions

Late discharge from the hospital? Don’t worry. We’re here to welcome you at all hours — day and night.

Major insurances accepted

We’re contracted with most insurance companies, so you have access to the level of care you need. Just give us a call to confirm that yours is on the list. 

We’re here to help

Obtaining coverage can be a process. Our supportive admissions team will guide you through finding the payment option or insurance that best suits your needs.

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The Arc at Chillicothe is part of the Arcadia network so you can still benefit from our warm environment, compassionate providers, and quality care. Find the residence that’s right for you.

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